Some things create themselves

The Unity Over Self Kapernick shirt created itself I just didn't know it. On August 26, 2016 when Kap decided to take a knee during the national anthem to bring awareness to police brutality, the shirt was made, I just didn't know it yet. What Colin did was a prime example of what Unity Over Self stands for. He set the precedent on how selfless we should strive to be.  

Let’s put in perspective what he really did: First and foremost he put his livelihood on the line. A millionaire athlete made the conscious decision to put fame & fortune to the side and stand up for people in this country who are oppressed. He showed the world how you can exhibit love to someone you have never met or even spoken to for that matter. Kap put himself on front street and brought the focus of his protest to police brutality every chance he got. That took a special kind of heart and courage. Last and not least he stood firm in what he was doing. He didn't let the blatant racism, hate and disrespect get to him. He took the advice of former First Lady Michelle Obama, he went high while they constantly went low. 

Colin is still without a job in 2018, due to this selfless act. Despite the loss of his primary source of income, he has been in the community putting his money where his mouth is. He completed his $1 Million pledge in early 2018 that went into serving those in oppressed communities across the country.

Like the title says, some things create themselves. The inspiration for this shirt came without too much thought because of the example he has set.The names listed are only a small percentage of people who lives have been taken at the hands of police brutality. The man taking the knee along with each family keep their memories and their story alive with his words and his actions. 

Brother Kap we thank you for putting US before yourself.